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We offer dynamic, hands-on, and above all, fun learning all things ChatGPT. We dive into the deep end of the pool, play with the gears and levers of the technology, and help each other~ and you ~ to achieve the best possible results with AI.

Jacob H
Jacob Hiers

Jacob “The Tech Translator” Hiers is our technical expert, an experienced business manager and tech communicator. Have you ever witnessed complex tech concepts being effortlessly explained in simple, understandable language? That’s Jacob’s specialty. He possesses the rare ability to bridge the gap between technology and its users by fluently speaking both the language of tech and business.

While his LinkedIn profile provides his official bio, Jacob’s true gift lies in his talent for shedding light on the intricate aspects of technology, making it accessible for everyone to learn.

jacob hiers

The Tech Translator

Meet Deanna Williams, the AI Muse at Soar with AI
Deanna Williams

Deanna “The AI Muse” Williams is our ingenious ideator, the wizardess who finds beauty and utility in every AI application. Where we see a powerful language model, Deanna sees a playground filled with endless possibilities.

Her creative spirit is only rivaled by her intuition for innovation, transforming ChatGPT into an artist, a storyteller, an assistant, and much more. Her colorful endeavors at North Star Flower are just a glimpse of her magic. With a keen eye for potential and a knack for turning abstract concepts into tangible solutions, Deanna is a true maestro of AI.

She continues to inspire and guide us, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and constantly redefining our understanding of AI’s potential.

deanna Williams

The AI Muse

Meet Roxane Rinard, the Persistent Perfectionist at Soar with AI
Roxane Rinard

Roxane “The Persistent Perfectionist” Rinard, our dedicated software engineer, is the driving force when it comes to relentless refining. Complex case? Difficult diagnostic? Roxane tackles it head on, navigating through tech, decoding, fixing, and refining, always in pursuit of the best results. Her record at Developing Wings speaks of her expertise, but it’s her tireless quest for perfection in AI that makes her a remarkable part of the team. With a meticulous eye for detail and a relentless drive for excellence, Roxane ensures that our AI solutions are not just good, but the best they can be. Her unwavering commitment to quality and her ability to solve complex technical challenges make her an invaluable asset to our team and a beacon of excellence in the field of AI.

roxane rinard

The Persistent Perfectionist


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